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The Advantages of Seeking a Private Diagnosis for ADHD in Adults

Updated: May 12

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Private diagnosis of ADHD with an ADHD Psychiatrist

Getting a private diagnosis for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults can often come with several advantages.

First and foremost, it usually involves an in-depth psychiatric evaluation process with an ADHD psychiatrist or a suitably trained and qualified mental health professional specialising in Adult ADHD. The process starts with free testing for ADHD in adults using specific and valid screening tools to check your suitability for private assessment of ADHD. Further collateral evidence from childhood is gathered to support the need for private ADHD assessment. A comprehensive private assessment for ADHD takes up to 3 hours to complete leading to a more accurate diagnosis. This involves discussing and uncovering all your Adult ADHD symptoms since childhood and how they have been affecting your daily functioning at home, school, and work and your relationships. Adult ADHD may not be the only diagnosis present as it often co-occurs with other mental health problems such as anxiety disorders, depression and substance misuse.

Private diagnosis typically offers quicker access to an ADHD specialist and treatment options such as ADHD medication and private ADHD titration. This significantly reduces waiting times of up to 4 years that can be a barrier to receiving effective and timely care.

Patients may have more flexibility in choosing private healthcare providers and scheduling appointments that fit their needs such as urgent out-of-hours assessment and treatment. Private diagnosis can also offer a higher level of confidentiality and personalised care, as patients may have more one-to-one time with their private healthcare provider.

Of course, private assessment for ADHD comes at a cost but this may be the best investment you make for your mental health, recovery and future wellbeing. IamPsychiatry offers either a more affordable non-urgent private assessment of ADHD during working hours within 3 months or a fast-track private ADHD assessment out-of-hours in 7 working days.

Overall, opting for a private diagnosis for ADHD can lead to a more efficient and tailored treatment plan that meets your individual needs as a patient.

Email or call 0800 779 7800 for expert mental health help today. Book a private assessment for ADHD with private psychiatrist Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin.


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