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Human Givens Therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions about Human Givens Therapy

What is Human Givens Therapy?
Human Givens Therapy or human needs therapy is a therapeutic approach focusing on recognising our essential emotional needs and meeting these 
needs by using our innate resources.

What are our essential emotional needs?
Security - safe territory and an environment which allows us to develop fully.

Attention (to give and receive it) - a form of nutrition.

Sense of autonomy and control - having volition to make responsible choices.

Feeling part of a wider community.

Emotional intimacy - knowing that at least one other person accepts us for who we are, “warts ‘n’ all”.

Privacy - the opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience, and to calm down if necessary, by removing ourselves from stressors.

Sense of status within social groupings.

Sense of competence and achievement.

Meaning and purpose - from being stretched in what we do and think.

What are our innate resources to help meet our needs?

The ability to develop complex long-term memory, which enables us to add to our innate knowledge and learn

The ability to build rapport, empathise, and connect with others.

Imagination - enables us to focus our attention away from our emotions, use language and problem-solve more creatively and objectively.

Emotions and instincts.

A conscious, rational mind that can check out emotions, question, analyse and plan

The ability to ‘know’ - understand the world unconsciously through metaphorical pattern matching.

An observing self - that part of us that can step back, be more objective and be aware of itself as a unique centre of awareness, apart from intellect, emotion and conditioning.

A dreaming brain - preserves our instincts and defuses unresolved or unfulfilled emotional arousals (such as worries and ruminations) to create spare mental capacity for the next day.

How is Human Givens Therapy different from other therapeutic approaches?
Human Givens Therapy differs from other mental health therapies in emphasising meeting essential emotional needs and using practical techniques to help individuals overcome emotional challenges.

What are the techniques used in Human Givens Therapy?
The techniques used in Human Givens Therapy include guided visualisation, imagery, relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, and rewind therapy.

What types of issues can be addressed through Human Givens Therapy?
Human Givens Therapy can be used to address a wide range of emotional and mental health issues, including anger, anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, and relationship problems.

Human Givens Therapy

Human Givens Therapy is an eclectic approach to mental health therapy and recovery which is effective, holistic, and person-centred. Therapy focuses on identifying triggers for past and present emotions, thoughts and behaviour patterns, innate and learned resources, and unmet emotional and physical needs. The Human Givens approach offers a clearer understanding of human nature, emotional well-being, and mental health.    

Human Givens Therapy is based on extensive and evolving evidence and research in neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology. It brings together what is effective and useful from many different approaches to psychotherapy and recovery. Human Givens Therapy also recognises many sources of helpful ancient wisdom for daily practical guidance such as Buddhism and Sufism (Islamic mysticism).   

The process of Human Givens Therapy begins with establishing a therapeutic rapport. My patients learn to relax and openly talk about any problem so that all relevant information can be gathered. Positive and realistic goals are identified early on in therapy. Having identified unmet needs and innate resources, an individual care plan is jointly agreed upon to achieve identified goals. My patients are encouraged to remember how to breathe diaphragmatically again and to imagine and visualise their plan in action. They are supported in rehearsing and realising their treatment plan in the real world with ongoing medical support and review.

Growing evidence shows that Human Givens Therapy is effective in treating mild to moderate depression, anxiety, PTSD, and emotional distress. This can be highly effective for recovery, especially when other psychological interventions may have been unhelpful. 

Human Givens Therapy is based on the life-changing self-help book "Human Givens: A New Approach to Emotional Health and Clear Thinking" by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrell

Check how well you are meeting your emotional needs by completing the Human Givens Emotional Needs Audit.

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