Private Psychiatrist Fees

Mental Health Assessment (1 hour), Diagnosis, & Treatment Plan: £190 - £290

- Complete and return our Pre-assessment form before your Medical consultation usually within 12 weeks.

- Private Face to face, Online video, Telephone, or Email consultation with Consultant Psychiatrist. 

- Discussion of most likely Diagnosis if applicable and specialist treatment recommendations; Medical Summary (£100) or Report (£190) to GP prepared on request.

- Evidence-based mental health self-help leaflets provided after private consultation promoting psychosocial interventions.

- Urgent private assessment usually within 2 weeks is also available out of hours after 9 pm or on Saturday for £240 and on Sunday for £290 after receiving your completed Pre-assessment form.

- Home visits in London and England can be arranged with additional travel costs; please call to discuss your needs further.

Private Prescription for 1 Month (after Mental Health Assessment): £40 (£50 for Controlled Drugs)

Medical Summary (after Mental Health Assessment): £100

- Diagnosis, Care & Treatment Plan with Specialist Treatment recommendations, including medication if needed.   

Comprehensive Medical Report (after Mental Health Assessment or Adult ADHD Assessment): £190

- As above but also includes a more detailed History & Mental State Examination, which patients and professionals often find helpful and useful.

Shared Care Agreement with your GP (after Adult ADHD Assessment): £50

- can be arranged for NHS prescribing of medication for ongoing Adult ADHD treatment once stabilised.

Brief Medical Letter (after Follow-up Consultation): £50

- With Specialist Treatment recommendations.

Private Companies, Occupational Health, Medicolegal, Court, and Independent Expert Psychiatric Reports: £200/ hour professional rate

Adult ADHD Screening, Diagnostic Assessment (up to 3 hours) & 3 Months' Medical Treatment & Follow-up: £750 - £950

 -  Initial ADHD Pre-screening to establish the suitability for the full assessment: school reports, completion of online ADHD screening, & Pre-assessment form.

- Face to face or Online video consultation including Adult Functioning Interview (AFI) & Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in Adults (DIVA-5) usually within 12 weeks.

Urgent private assessment usually within 4 weeks is also available out of hours on Sunday for £950 after receiving your completed Pre-assessment and screening forms.

- Initiation & stabilisation of appropriate medication for Adult ADHD over three months, if needed.

- Three monthly private controlled drug (CD) prescriptions for stimulant medication; the medication will have to be paid for at a pharmacy.

- Two Medical Follow-ups (up to 30 minutes) after three weeks and seven weeks on medication.

- Email support and advice throughout the recovery process and monitoring of pulse, blood pressure, and weight for 3 months.

- Adult ADHD non-medical management self-help leaflet.

- If your GP agrees to prescribe your Adult ADHD medication on the NHS, we can provide a Comprehensive Medical Report (£190) and a Shared Care Agreement (£50) with your GP if needed. 

Home Alcohol Detox (medically-assisted withdrawal) for up to 10 days: £550

- Completion of Pre-screening to establish your suitability: Mild to Moderate Alcohol Dependence only (up to a maximum of 30 units daily).

- Nominated Carer, e.g. family member or close friend, must be able to supervise your detox at home on a daily basis for 7-10 days under medical supervision.

- Face to face, Online video, or Telephone consultation (1 hour), Diagnosis, Home Treatment Plan & Contract.

- Home Alcohol Detox medications prescribed by Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin: you will need to locate your local pharmacy to dispense the private prescription at additional cost for your private medications. 

- Consultant Psychiatrist supervision, support, and advice provided throughout the home detox treatment process: daily contact by phone or email if needed.

- Medical review at end of detox and Aftercare plan for relapse prevention. 

- Home Alcohol Detox is not appropriate if a previous home detox has failed, or if you have a history of seizures or severe physical or mental health problems: planned residential inpatient treatment would be recommended. Please contact us to discuss your treatment options today.

- Anti-craving medications such as Acamprosate or Naltrexone to support maintaining abstinence for twelve months could be prescribed privately after successful alcohol detox and normal blood tests (LFTs). Disulfiram (Antabuse) is also a treatment option though only in appropriate cases.

Medical Follow-up, Psychotherapy Consultation, & Specialist Advice: £50 - £190 

- 1 hour: £190 

- 30 minutes: £100 

- 15 minutes: £50 

- Face to face, or by Zoom, MS Teams, Whats App video, Skype, Apple FaceTime, Telephone, or Email.

Medical Cannabis:

Private Prescription for 1 Month (after Mental Health Assessment): £50 + £135 or £199

- £199 pays for the supply and home delivery of high-quality Medical Cannabis oil (50mls) directly from the pharmaceutical company. Flower is also available at £135 for 10g. The daily dose can vary between 0.5 to 2ml oil or 0.5 to 1g flower per day depending on tolerability, efficacy, and clinical need.

- Some patients may be suitable research candidates for Project Twenty21; if you meet the eligibility criteria and consent to being a research subject, the monthly cost would be significantly discounted; you would need to complete brief baseline questionnaires, and then every three months to monitor your progress. 


A 10% Advance bulk booking discount is offered to private patients for Five pre-booked Follow-up Consultations. A 10% Loyalty discount is available after attending Five 1 hour Follow-up Consultations.

Please note that all private patient fees need to be paid in advance; thank you. Payments should be made by BACS transfer or PayPal to IamPsychiatry. Cash payments are also accepted.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice and non-attendance will incur full payment of the fee for the Medical consultation.